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Other graduate financial aid

Financial aid available to graduate students falls into three basic categories:

  • Aid that does not have to be repaid (grants, scholarships and tuition waivers)
  • Aid that does have to be repaid (loans)
  • Aid that enables students to earn a portion of their school costs (work-study, graduate teaching assistantships and graduate research assistantships)

Offers of financial aid are based on financial need and/or skill and competency. Financial need is determined by information contained in the Federal Application for Student Aid completed by the student.

To ascertain your eligibility for the different types of financial aid, contact the department to which you will be applying and the VCU Office of Financial Aid:

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  • VCU Office of Financial Aid
  • 1015 Floyd Avenue, First Floor
  • P.O. Box 843026
  • Richmond, Virginia 23284-3026
  • (804) 828-6669
  • Website:
  • International students should contact:
  • Global Education Office
  • 817 West Franklin Street
  • P.O. Box 843043
  • Richmond, Virginia 23284-3043
  • (804) 828-8471
  • Website: