Death by Media: The Politics of The Politics of Eventocracy in the Late Eurocene
Rohan Kalyan

Rohan Kalyan, Ph.D., is a political theorist and filmmaker who teaches in the School of World Studies at VCU. This lecture builds on his current research on the theory of eventocracy, or rule by event in a time of ubiquitous media. Through close readings of two violent events enabled by social media platforms in disparate locations (WhatsApp in India and YouTube in the U.S.), he argues the virtual events of digital media have real effects in the collective subjectivities that form a broader community of sense and sense-making. How can media events and collective subjectivities be re-worked to not only oppose fascistic ways of making sense of the present, but make space for alternative communities of sense-making that interpret events in radically different ways?

Door time: 3:00 p.m.
Start date: Sept. 5, 2019
End date: Sept. 5, 2019
Location: VCU Cabell Library, 3rd floor lecture hall
Audience: Free and open to all