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Independent study

Independent study may be supervised by graduate faculty in one of the participating units. It may not duplicate courses regularly offered. No more than twelve credits of independent study may be counted toward the degree. Additional credits may be authorized for purposes of continuous enrollment. Upon approval by the supervising faculty member, the student should submit a description of the course of study, a bibliography and the anticipated final product (a long paper, annotated bibliography, creative project, etc.) to the MATX Director and the Graduate Programs Advisor. An electronic override is issued for registration upon approval.

Find the independent study application form please contact the Graduate Prgorams Advisor.


Internship opportunities are available in the Richmond area at a range of institutions including museums, libraries and galleries. Students seek out their own internships and submit to the MATX Director a description of the planned internship with the approval of the external supervisor. The final grade will be assigned by the supervisor in consultation with the MATX Director. A student may take one or three credits of internship in a given semester. No more than six credits of internship may be counted toward the degree.